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Barbara B. - Milton Nanny

I'm a caring nanny who loves childrens! I have years of experience, I've taken care of children in my home, I've been a live in Nanny, I've worked in Church nurseries and for the last 7 years I've been a nanny for 3 full-time postitions and o...

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Sofia Falcone Gigante/Barbara Kean

"Miss Kean," Sofia greets, lifting her eyes from the ledger she's been paging through, only mildly perturbed that Barbara has apparently slipped past her guards. "I see that the rumors of your death were exaggerated. Again." "Less than you ma...

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You thought Downton Abbey was for real?

A Downton Abbey exhibition is to go on a US tour, with the aim of selling Britishness to Americans. Fans of the show would be able to view original sets, costumes and unseen footage (though none of the actors is involved). After the tour launched in...

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The warped logic of making the poor pay more

There was a grim inevitability to the news that Department for Work and Pensions’ helplines for people confused about universal credit are costing many claimants money they can’t afford, with demands that these calls are moved to a free 0800 number....