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The Watson Diet

BY JAMIE FOSTER Tom Watson is going on hunger strike for a day to raise awareness of the plight of two detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Ahmed Rabbans and Khalid Qasim. The two have been on hunger strike for 28 days in protest against their detention....

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Thursday 19

Edward Heath, Cyril Smith and an ex-archbishop of Canterbury are just a few of those exposed as part of the great abuse cover-up. PETER FROST worries the full the truth will never come to light HARDLY a day can go by witho...

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photo thomas watson ibm

Title : Thomas J. Watson | Path Through History | WSKG History Summary : In 1939, the New York Times listed the 10 wealthiest CEO's in America. The man who topped the list didn't build cars, or run a movie studio, his company made ......