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- آرسين فينغر ( عن بقاء سانشيز ):" قراري هو أن يبقى لكن يجب أن يتفق معي مجلس الإدارة بكل تأكيد ، إذا لم يتفقوا معي يجب أن أقبل ذلك ". - ‏آرسين فينغر :" إتخذت قرارى بعد ان إتفق معي مجلس الإدارة ( يقصد انهم يؤيدون قراره بعدم خروج سانشي...

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UEFA Champions League

As Liverpool enter the UEFA Champions League at the play-off round stage see how they will be attempting to preserve a perfect record for English clubs since the play-offs were introduced in 2009, featuring goals by Sergio Agüero,...

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I wish my father could have been alive to see this because today I met the legendary #football player Joao Pinto! Seeing him reminded me of the days my sister and I used to watch #Portugal playing football and in my opinion he was part of the golden...