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Thunder think maybe this is rock bottom

There is “no panic” yet for the Thunder, but there is plenty of concern following a 116-103 home loss to the mediocre Hornets. “For the talent that we have, obviously this is not where we want to be,” Paul George told “But we’re goin...

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The NBA season

There was a slight breeze blowing through the window of my office as the afternoon sun was finally about to descend for the day. I texted my wife: “This is it. I think we’re done.” My wife, who doesn’t know HORNS from ICE but can...

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James Harden is Magical

The Sports Post The Houston Rockets are relentless. But James Harden is whatever comes after that. Monday night, he would put everything and more on display. Against the Pelicans, Harden would record 26 points, 17 assists and six steals. Only two...

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The Read & React: no Kyrie, big problem

Bill Sy: Last week, I wrote about how, because of the influx of talent (particularly Kyrie Irving as a pick-and-roll ball handler), the Celtics don’t have to pass the ball as much and can rely heavily on a single action to start the offense. Whet...