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Usain Bolt set to host 2018 Sun Met

At a glitzy event launch, ‘Style ahead of the Field’ was announced as the theme for the 134th edition of the Sun Met celebrated with G.H Mumm along with the announcement of Olympic Gold medalist Usain Bolt as the host for the event. The Grand Afric...

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Met's Bolt From The Blue

Olympic sprinting legend Usain Bolt will be hosting Africa’s Richest Race Day, the Sun Met, celebrated with GH Mumm Champagne, on 27 January at Kenilworth in Cape Town. ‘The tote window is over there’ – Usain Bolt in familiar pose This announcement...

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Usain Bolt to Host the Sun Met

Sprint Star and Global Icon Usain Bolt, will be in Cape Town in January for the Sun Met. The news was announced by the sponsors at an event in Cape Town yesterday. G H Mumm, sponsors of the track star and co-sponsors of th...